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Scope of Services

   Our services and products are targeted at the needs of industrial process safety management programs. Our approach to projects is highly influenced by our years of experience as employees of companies who handled hazardous materials. We strive to find practical solutions that ensure results rather than derive solutions solely based on academic or theoretical practices.

Our services include:

Process Safety Management – Program Implementation

Is PSM too much for your organization to handle?  Let us manage your PSM program through our "Retainer Arrangement."  We will design and implement the program and then monitor the compliance on a monthly basis.  Or, if you like, we can implement your entire program or specific elements of the OSHA PSM standard.  We can customize the written program for each PSM element based on your specific needs.  We can assess your existing programs and recommend the necessary changes to enhance and or improve the overall efficiency of your PSM program.  We have plenty of first-hand experience dealing with OSHA directly.  We have been implementing PSM since the law went into effect in 1992.

Mechanical Integrity – Program Implementation

Having written a CMMS software package, we have become very familiar with the computerized maintenance process. In that the PSM standard specifically requires mechanical integrity, we tailor CMMS implementation to meet compliance to the regulation while providing the optimum management system for your maintenance organization. We stay current with the latest technologies for preventive and predictive maintenance. Our approach is tailored to meet the requirement of PSM mechanical integrity through a common sense, practical, and cost-effective method.

Process Hazards Analyses

We can provide you with the expertise for conducting hazards analyses utilizing the What If/Checklist technique. We provide training materials and courses to prepare your staff for training others, leading hazard analyses or serving as team members. We specialize in PHAs for Ammonia Refrigeration systems.

Process Safety Management Assessments

From our internal standards or industry standards, we can provide you with audit protocols and conduct audits of your PSM management system. Our proprietary audit software will enable you to achieve consistent and reliable audit results whether you periodically repeat a facility’s audit or you want to compare audits from similar facilities.

Risk Management Planning

We can prepare your EPA Risk Management plan. We have software tools specifically designed to meet the requirements of the EPA regulation. Since we have a vast amount of experience with the OSHA PSM standard, we can take advantage of the similarities within each regulation.

Engineering/CAD Services

We can completely document your facility via computer aided drafting software. We utilize AutoCAD and offer complete walkdown services. This can include piping and mechanical design and drafting, equipment arrangement, plot plans, emergency evacuation drawings, process flow diagrams, piping and instrumentation diagrams, inspection piping isometrics, etc.

CMMS – Data Population

We can populate your maintenance system with your facility asset information, inventory data, preventive maintenance task information, etc. Our role in the project can be as basic as gathering data, or the input of facility data into the maintenance software or as extensive as implementing your entire maintenance program.