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A recent testimonial as it appeared in the
AMERICAN School and Hospital Maintenance magazine - Spring Issue

Mechanic's Mate CMMS - An Implementation Success Story

Using CMMS to manage all the facility maintenance for a 292-bed hospital doesn’t have to be rocket science. And it shouldn’t require an enormous staff to accomplish. Just ask Mr. John Ware, Maintenance Manager for the nearly 50 year old St. Francis Hospital in Columbus, Georgia. John has discovered this first-hand. John uses the Mechanic’s Mate CMMS software developed by Compliance Technologies, Inc. John and his staff of nine other maintenance personnel handle an average of 550 work orders per month. John will be the first to tell you that "ease of use" in a CMMS product is the key to it all. "Prior to implementing Mechanic’s Mate, we had a total paper work order system. It was getting increasingly difficult to tell what was being done, what needed to be done and when. It was also clear we needed some productivity measurement," says Ware.

"We wanted software that we could work with: not software that would work us. We didn’t want to spend a lot of time and money, first learning, then customizing the software. Our goal was to automate the work order process. We wanted something that would fit for 90% of how our organization functioned." According to Ware, the system has required little training upon installation and has been well received.

To date, the department has realized a number of tangible benefits as a result of implementing Mechanic’s Mate: more efficient service and work order tracking; better online entry of service requests; improved scheduling of work and project coordination; the ability to track preventive maintenance areas and backlog of requests; faster response to emergencies as well as the ability to prioritize work requests.

"The bottom line is we do more with less. Mechanic’s Mate was absolutely the best solution for the money, " says Ware. "We did not set out to reduce costs but rather to improve our productivity and efficiency of our work force. We quickly experienced a significant return on our investment.  Mechanic’s Mate has allowed us to achieve our goals because it has significantly improved our operations."