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Environmental Reporting - Compliance Technologies
Data Management for Tier II, Form R Threshold and Release Calculations / OSHA Process Safety Management Compliance

Even though the EPA Environmental Reporting software has menu options that allow a customer to electronically input inventory information or to manually enter the data, sometimes a customer still needs help. At CTI, we understand that working within a customer's Information Technology or Purchasing Department to get third party inventory data is more about "relationships of people" than "relational data".

Over the years, CTI has developed custom procedures and practices to work within a customer's infrastructure to periodically get electronic data that will be turned into SARA Tier II Reports and EPCRA Form R Reports. When new materials are introduced into the production process, CTI works with the customer to get the MSDS and the new stock information into the required EPA format.

Besides receiving the electronic data files from the customer and importing the data into the software, CTI does the due diligence to evaluate the data for the environmental reports. At CTI, we use extreme care with our customer’s data to ensure a quality deliverable has been achieved.

Lastly, CTI can even generate the final environmental reports for the customer's signature.

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