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ImpactXP CMMS - Compliance Technologies

ImpactXP™ is a Progress based, true Client Server, computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software package designed for the medium to large industrial or commercial facility. The product is designed to address the needs of Maintenance Management in a variety of different environments. The system is modular in architecture, and is made up of a number of optional building block modules which fit around a central core module. The central core module is known as the IMPACT base module.

The Base Maintenance Module of the IMPACTXP System is in reality a maintenance system in its own right. Without the addition of any of the optional modules that can be added, the base module provides a comprehensive system covering all the common types of work normally found in the maintenance engineering workplace.

The base module also acts as the central core of the system when more sophisticated IMPACTXP Systems are being built. It contains the links to all the optional modules. It also contains the menu subsystem which controls the operation of the system on the user's screen.

Each IMPACTXP System, whether single or multi- user, can carry a virtually unlimited number of completely separate maintenance engineering activities. In IMPACTXP terminology these are known as "companies". Other than where cross company reporting is required, each of these "companies" (databases) can operate completely independently within the system as a whole. This facility is commonly used to enable small training databases to be kept on the system independent from the live data.

Within the Basic Maintenance Module facilities exist for setting up and subsequent updating of a number of data files. This effectively customizes the operation of the system for each individual user.

Among these are files for:

Crafts Shift Specifications
Delay Codes Plant Criticality
Departments Menu Lines
Fault Codes Individual User Profiles
Job Types User Display Preferences
Labor Rates Company Parameters
List Items Password Permissions
Priority Codes Plant Register Definitions

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