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Process Safety Management Services - Compliance Technologies
OSHA Process Safety Management Compliance

Since 1993, CTI has provided Process Safety Management (PSM) services to a variety of companies in the U.S. and South America. We can provide an extensive list of references to verify our commitment to quality and customer service in providing PSM services. Following a strategy that has been successful with other clients, we recommend a three-step approach to support client efforts to implement PSM systems at a facility. The following sections describe our technical approach to these Steps.

Step 1 — Conduct PSM/Accident Prevention Assessment

CTI engineers will team with your personnel to conduct a PSM assessment at your facility. During a 2- to 5-day site visit, CTI engineers will (1) interview your personnel, (2) review existing management systems to determine what policies, procedures, and information sources are available to help satisfy the OSHA PSM regulation, and (3) develop specific recommendations for improving the facility's PSM programs.

Our activities and consulting will address PSM coverage issues and all of the elements required by the PSM and accident prevention requirements of the two regulations. During the visit, our engineers will work with your personnel to outline the steps that your plant should take to improve PSM activities at the facility. If a PSM program exists at your facility, we will help ensure its effectiveness and that it covers all of the requirements of the regulations. Our engineers will guide the discussions and contribute ideas based on extensive experience at other facilities. CTI's expertise in process safety and risk management should help your staff select an efficient and effective PSM improvement and maintenance strategy based on your available resources.

CTI engineers will document the PSM assessment and implementation plan in a brief letter report to your facility.

The report will:
1. Summarize the OSHA PSM and EPA accident prevention requirements
2. Identify specific policy/procedure improvements needed
3. Present our recommendations for the most effective way to provide the required improvements
The decision on how to proceed with PSM development and improvement activities is retained by the client, based on available facility and corporate resources.

Step 2 — Develop/Improve Selective PSM Programs

If your facility requests, CTI will proceed to develop and/or improve specific PSM programs for the facility. The product of this effort will be draft programs for the selected PSM elements. In developing or improving these programs, we will take full advantage of any existing programs, OSHA guidance, and industry standards and practices to develop cost-effective programs for your facility. However, your plant will need to review those programs carefully to ensure that they satisfy your company's corporate needs and that they address your plant’s understanding of the performance-based requirements of the OSHA PSM regulation. In our PSM development experience, we have found it very important to ensure that new (or extensively revised) PSM programs are consistent with the existing "culture" of the facility, and we will strive to develop such programs. However, only thorough review by your personnel can provide assurance that the programs meet that objective.
Based on your plant's comments, we will revise the draft PSM programs and will provide them to your plant in both paper and electronic format. At the end of Step 2, we will also propose costs for the specific implementation efforts that you indicate CTI should provide.

Step 3 — Execute Specific PSM Activities

CTI can provide process safety engineers to help your plant execute the steps outlined in the facility PSM programs. The level of assistance will depend upon (1) the specific tasks that are needed and (2) the availability of qualified personnel in your company to perform these tasks. We may be particularly helpful to facilities by leading and documenting PHAs, developing management of change programs, reviewing operating procedures, establishing mechanical integrity programs, conducting incident investigations, leading compliance audits, and/or by training your personnel to perform such activities.

CTI engineers will help you devise strategies and plans for an overall facility PSM program. We will (1) determine the PSM activities currently in existence at the facility via a PSM audit, (2) perform a hazard screening study of the facility, and (3) develop a draft of the PSM implementation program plan.

Further Information

We also perform PSM Audits on established PSM systems; for companies that have not yet established PSM systems, we offer generic written programs that we can help adapt to install a PSM system.

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