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RailLoaderPRO - Compliance Technologies
Wireless Railcar Loading Management Software

Compliance Technologies, Inc. (CTI) RailLoaderPro software program is one of the most reliable and effective tools today for managing all of your asphalt loading process needs. In fact, RailLoaderPro was designed specifically for one of our clients, who just happens to be one of the largest asphalt producers in America. The program layout was designed with our client's interests and specifications at the forefront of implementation, while preserving the fundamental logistics and software functionality that the company needed in a quality software package. The program employs wireless handheld data input and barcode scanning technology to quickly and easily record your operating data. This new technology costs you less time and translates into a more efficient operating procedure.

A few more benefits we are sure you will enjoy from the RailLoaderPro system are:

Improved processing speed for asphalt loading transactions by 90% or greater.
Increased accuracy of the loading transaction – improved overall quality.
Prohibited loading of defective rail cars – documented via paper trail.
Automated generation of the rail switch list.
Automated execution of volume calculations based on API asphalt temperature tables.
Improved safety management of loaded rail cars via documentation of minimum safety requirements prior to departure.
E-mail enable/auto-faxing of the loading transaction documentation from the Client Company to required recipients – remove requirement for US mail and telephone notification.
Interface availability to the SAP system – write loading transactions to the SAP tables.
Automated generation of necessary paperwork in the case of defective rail car returns. (Note: software automatically flags rail car number in database so that future shipments will not be allowed until all defects have been resolved).
Increased automated production translating into displacement of operating personnel.
Maximized time efficiency for operating personnel at each loading transaction.

Since the implementation of RailLoaderPro, our client has either met or exceeded all of the possible benefits projected by the original concept. We at CTI feel strongly that these benefits are largely transferable to any case whatever your current situation may be. The concept at its roots employs sound traditional management techniques with superior innovative technology.

However, we know that these terms may not mean much in today's gimmicky dot COM market. We do not want you to take our word for it; we would instead invite you to see a demonstration for yourself via a web-based demonstration. It is in our safest confidence that you will find RailLoaderPro as clear and fresh as our giant friends in the industry already have.

Our design effort while creating the software was concentrated towards providing an intuitive interface built on the consumers need for functionality. The result is simply the best tool available to optimize management control while continuing to value simplicity.

The program is front end Microsoft Visual C++ and Microsoft Access as the back end. The accompanying wireless scanner utilizes a C++ program that resides on the server. A telnet server is used to administer the transactions between the wireless device and the server. Due to the structure of the program, the reports available are literally endless.

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