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TankGaugerPRO - Compliance Technologies
Tank Inventory Management Software

Compliance Technologies, Inc. (CTI) TankGaugerPro software program is a great tool for managing and tracking all of your daily API storage tank volume operations. The software can be configured to interface with the popular SAAB Tank Radar automatic level system. When configured with the SAAB Tank Radar system, the interface automatically polls for tank level information and displays the information accordingly. The collected data can be compiled from multiple tanks so that a full picture of movements for an entire facility can be achieved. The graphical interface dynamically displays the tank level information so that movement information is readily available to the end user. The tank level information can be automatically collected from multiple tanks and formatted into individual reports, or written to one large report as the case may be.

The software is also useful for tankage not set up on SAAB Radar systems. This is one of the only tank gauger software programs available that works with or without a SAAB Radar system. When a SAAB Radar unit is unavailable, the information can be introduced to the program through a simple import routine.

TankGaugerPro was created due to a request from one of our clients, a Fortune 50 petroleum company. Our client needed a program that was powerful enough to generate the type of reports they desired, and also have large network capability. TankGaugerPro is unique from others of its kind in the aspect that it supports a network feed for many users. The program was designed for our client with their specific feedback as a guide to implementation. Therefore, we are positive that TankGaugerPro's functionality and features are of industry friendly specifications

The TankGaugerPro system includes:

Collection of data from multiple tanks including:
  Product height level to a 16th of an inch accuracy
  Product Temperature
  Reading converted to gallons
  Shippable and un-shippable commodity type breakdowns
  Flow rate
Generated reports including multicolored graphs and trend reports
Information stored via database files
Data collection fields refreshed at set intervals
Inventory Collection
Generated "total tankage" commodity reports
Tank Strapping Update Wizard

Our clients have been using TankGaugerPro since 1994 and have grown accustomed to the reliability and usefulness it provides. We feel strongly that the TankGaugerPro is a tool that will support you in your tank operations as well.

The program is database oriented, with updates being recorded at intervals set by the user. Information requested from the SAAB system is transmitted to the program in ASCII form. TankGaugerPro can be made available for all users on the network through a user-password protection scheme.

The strapping update wizard allows the user to adjust the calibrated volume readings due to tank strapping. Reports are executed by the report generator, which includes a repertoire of multicolored graphs and other reports. Reports can also be set up to show trends and rate change expectancies.

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